Saturday, January 18, 2014

Make Up Forever: Make Over and Haul

Hello beauties, today I'm gonna tell you about my experience of using vouchers from famous brand Make Up For Ever (MUFE).

Long time ago, not really long actually, but I've forgotten when was it exactly, my mom bought the camouflage palette from MUFE and she signed up for the member card. When the member card came, it also came with 2 vouchers which are free make over voucher and discount voucher. She gave them to me yeay!

Because the vouchers were almost expired (valid until 1 Jan 2014), I decided to use them up. I booked a seat for make over session in MUFE Plaza Senayan, the BA told me to do my make up first before I went there, she said they will only do a bit touch up on my make up, because full make up will cost me money, and I was like....errr why on earth the voucher said a free make over, if it is a make over it should be from the very beginning to the very end right???
But since it's free just go with it then hahaha. And turned out the Rp100k discount voucher also can be used for minimum purchase of Rp 1 million, hufft how PHP it was. I decided to use the free make over voucher only, why? As simple as because it cost nothing. LOL.

I came to Plaza Senayan around 4pm, with make up on, then the BA asked me to remove my eye make up and eye brow, then she asked me if I had foundation and powder on, I said I only had BB cream on and she started with powder she used the pressed one but I don't know in what shade it was, then she countoured my face using the Sculpting Kit in no.2, then she put blush on the apple of my cheeks there were two blushes pink and orange I'm sorry I didn't ask what shade, then she filled in my eyebrow with the Aquabrow in shade Ash #25, then for the eye make up she used the newest palette the glamour one if I'm not mistaken only using the brown and black colour, the mascara was the Aqua 'something' waterproof mascara, last but not least for lips she used a pink lipgloss, no idea what shade it was, sorry, then finish! Hahaha. It was just a natural make up looks. I really love the eye brows!

During that time my mom was there watching the entire process and asking the BA many things, more over after a lot of questioning and I whispering (read: "ngomporin") she finally fell in love with the Sculpting Kit, Aquabrow and the lip concealer, and she said that was for my birthday present part 2. Yuhuuu, I love my mom. We end up using the discount voucher as well in the end hahaha.

I'm blogging using Blogger for Android and I don't know how to put the pictures in between the text, so I'm sorry if the pictures are all located at the end of my post.

See you later!

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