Friday, February 28, 2014

Pixy Cleansing Express Brightening

Hi, before the month ended I want to make a quick post, it's a review of Indonesian product that so many beauty enthusiasts have been raving about, it's a make up cleanser the Pixy Cleansing Express Brightening. Actually, last week I attended two beauty events, and I really want to make a post about it but but but I've got tons of homeworks to be done, so I have to delay the posts.

I was "poisoned" by so many good review about this product, so when I found it at the grocery store when I was grocery shopping, I grabbed it immediately. It was only around 10k, very affordable.

It says that it has natural whitening powder which supposed to brightened the face, alcohol-free and clinically tested. It contains soya bean lechitin and vitamin C derivate. Claim to clean the skin, take out the dirts, make up and excessive oil on our face without making our skin dry.

Interesting huh?

Unfortunately, it gives me milia, so I decided not to use it as my make up remover and use it to spot cleaning my brushes instead, I mixed it with alcohol 7:3 and put it on a spray bottle. Anyway, It works wonderfully, although it's water-based it can remove waterproof make up, it takes off make up pretty quickly, I don't know about the brightening effect since I don't use it on my face, but as a brush spot cleanser it works well. It has a scent like baby powder, I like it. It doesn't leave  sticky feelings which is good.

After all I like this product, so many people swear by it and it is super affordable, easy to find (in Indonesia), unfortunately it gives me milia, but it works with so many people out there, it might works with you also. Pixy didn't pay me to write anything here, but in my opinion if you're looking for an affordable make up remover that works well you should try this, even if it didn't work on you, you still can use it as a brush spot cleanser like I do.


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