Friday, February 7, 2014

Red & Yellow Eyeshadows Hunt + Wardah Trio Eyeshadow

I was looking for a palette that has red eyeshadow and yellow eyeshadow in it, but the 88/120/252 colours eyeshadow palette such as BH Cosmetics or Coastal Scent was too much and I don't think I really need that many colours of eyeshadow, eventhough I really want them actually, kyaaa should save up more.

So, I was looking for just a small palette that cost under 200k or better under 100k hehe, I went to PIM on Wednesday and looking around, turns out it was so hard finding red eyeshadow, I only went to local make up store, Korean make up store and drugstore make up counter, I didn't go to MAC or MUFE or other high end make up counter, they might have it but it will be so expensive and if it's available only in a single eyeshadow I don't think I need that much amount of eyeshadow for just one color.

When I was at Watsons the BA told me that PAC has a quad eyeshadow palette that has red and yellow color in it, it was 175k I still think that wasn't a good deal, although I know how good the quality of PAC eyeshadows are, they are super pigmented and smooth. Not far from the PAC shelf there was Wardah shelf and I saw a lot of trio eye shadow palettes, and it was only 42k, and I saw red and yellow eyeshadow in different palette, so I just grabbed both of them, I asked the BA for the tester I swatched the two color and felt great, I don't even swatch or pay attention to other color on those palettes. LOL. I went to the cashier and paid for them, 84k for 6 colors of eyeshadow each palette was 4,2g means 1,4g for each color, good deal! I've never tried Wardah's eyeshadow before.

When I got home I immediately swatched them properly and put them on my eyes as well, turned out they were so great, pigmented even without base, I put the three color all together without blend them to see each color better on my eyes, and it looks great just sitting there side by side, I was so happy, I underestimated them at first from just looking at its price, but oh my God I was completely wrong, they were so great I was really amazed seeing how good the color pay-off despite of their inexpensive price. They are easy to blend, and buttery smooth, the color pay off is good, pigmented, the darker shades show up more than the light colors, but you can use eyeshadow base to make their color pop out more and the colors are buildable as well.

This experience made me learned that local brands can be as good as Western brands, thumbs up! Plus poin they are halal cosmetics.

Lastly, I want to share the pictures of palettes K (yellow-green-brown) and palettes L (light purple-pink-magenta *it's still in the red family after all*)

I definitely gonna purchase more colors, I'm not sure how many palettes they have but they were a lot at Watsons, and I am not paid nor sponsored to write this, I just want to share my personal experience about this product that I bought with my own money.

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