Monday, July 14, 2014

Mango Seed Lip Scrub Exfoliant Levres Lovely me:ex

Here comes another Korean brand product review, this time is The Face Shop turns. I have wanted a lip scrub since a long time ago, but never got one until I saw this discounted in TFS store in fron of my dorm, it was only 3000something won so without further a due I give it a try.

It has a strong mango scent which is nice and seems edible, the directions said to apply on lips and gently massage with finger tips, then rinse with water.

Let's see how it looks like

It's like a lip balm with sugar and other beads which is the mangoseed or some mango things I supposed.

I tried it as the directions, but but but, I kinda not like it, it feels sticky and the beads are super soft which I don't know if that's enough for exfoliating my lips, and it's hard to rinse, even with hot water, the stickiness seems to adhere forever, and stay in my finger as well, eventhough I've washed it with soap and hot water, I was kinda having a hard time rinsing this lip scrub thoroughly. However it makes my lips soft and does a pretty good job on exfoliating my lips, although the next day my lips has gone chapped all over again, maybe that's because I'm fasting and it's summer.

If you are a mango lover and don't mind the stickiness, maybe this product's made for you, but for me I don't think this is my best found on lip scrub.


  1. That's looks yummy! hahah :p
    i tried one from Etude House and that doesn't work either! :(

    i followed you, mind to followback? :)
    Little Piece of Heaven

  2. Followed you back Tiffani Cencen, I bought another one from Nature republic I hope that would works.

    Yes the smell makes you really want to eat it so bad @ Ce Phanie

    Thank you for reading and leaving comments :)



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