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Agelez Bihaku Premium Nano Collagen Launching Event

There are times when I immediately purchase new product after I attended the launching event, although I got the products for free to try, but if I find it really good I will purchase it myself, and it happens again this time, with this new collagen drinks on the market. You must be wondering what is so special about this product till I purchase it right away.

Just purchased 2 boxes of Agelez Bihaku for the first 1 month supply, they are on SALE! hahaha.

Flashback to the launching event, the launching was supposed to be held on January 15th 2016, but something happened, Jakarta was under terror the day before, thank you for the committee for the consideration and delay the launching event to January 28th 2016. The event took place at Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan Ballroom.

I arrived pretty early, so I got a chance to explore around the place, the table was set and everyone got a lucky dip coupon.

I love the decoration, there are some canapes and tea/coffee available as well, there is photobooth where we can get our photo printed immediately, and also a photo spot inspired by hot air balloon, bartender are ready to serve us drinks (mocktail to be exact) which are mixed with Agelez Bihaku, fun ways to drink it; there is also Cosmopolitan stand and skin check table, beside the skin check there is also wheel of fortune. What a fun and thoughtful decoration.

The event started around 4.30 pm, there was some opening speech, then we got an educational talk show by Dr. Kardiana Purnawa Dewi, talking about premature aging. The symptoms of premature aging are the appearance of fine lines especially around the eyes, because skin around the eyes is the most delicate so it tend to get wrinkle first, and dark spots. What could trigger premature aging? stress! so make sure to always happy and  stay away from stress, UV light do you know that UV A stands for Aging while UV B stands for Burning? and free radical.

Scary? Yeah pretty much, but don't worry be happy, because we can also avoid premature aging, how? by taking enough and balance nutrition. One of them is by taking collagen. Research has proven that the minimum amount of collagen one should take is 10000mg in order to fee significant result, and Agelez Bihaku contains 13500mg/bottle which is definitely sufficient, moreover Agelez Bihaku has nano collagen not just another collagen which makes them easier to be absorbed by the body. The normal size collagen could be flushed away along with your pee if it is not fully absorbed by the body, so it would be such a waste.

The bartender also did some attraction, playing with the bottles while giving us recipes on how to create mocktail and mixed drinks using Agelez Bihaku. Agelez bihaku itself comes in peach flavor which could be mixed with a lot of drinks, such as tea, fruit juice, etc

During the event there was also door prizes and quizes, unfortunately I didn't win anything. Congratulations for those who won! *crying in the corner*.

All right, so what is Agelez Bihaku? hahaha, you must be wondering why I have not tell you yet, you know, I kinda save the best for last.

Agelez Bihaku Premium Collagen is a natural, highest-quality bioactive formula, that boost your natural collagen production that fight all signs of aging, to support skin smoothness and moisture, giving you better skin elasticity to unveil firmer, youthful and healthy-glow looking skin.

"Suplemen kolagen berupa formula cair yang unik dan kuat dari Jepang untuk meningkatkan elastisitas kulit, kekencangan dan hidrasi.
Setiap botol mengandung konsentrasi tertinggi 13.500mg premium nano kolagen ditambah dengan bahan anti-penuaan aktif lainnya untuk mengembalikan cahaya alami kulit Anda, mengatasi kulit kusam dan membantu mengurangi tanda-tanda penuaan dari dalam ke luar."

What makes it so wonderful?

+ Boost the Production of New Collagen Cells

+ Increase Skin Plumpness - Moisturizes Skin

+ Promote Radiant-Glow, Refresh Dull Skin

+ Improved Skin Tightening, Elasticity and Firmness

+ Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dark Spots & Eyes Dark Circle

+ Acts as sunblock from the inside to Protect Skin against UV Rays

+ Smoothen Large Pores + Reduce Acne

+ Skin Whitening and Brightening

+ Firming Breasts and Buttocks

+ Reduce Stretch Marks

+ Delay Grey Hair + Prevent Hair falls

+ Stronger Healthy Nails

+ Support Immune System + Boost Energy

+ Increase Joint and Bone Health

+ Delay Menopause

See..... it contains so many benefits... 

Okay you must wonder what is inside this tiny bottle that could deliver such benefits

Bahan-bahan PREMIUM yang terkandung dalam Agelez Bihaku - Premium Nano Collagen :
1.       13,500mg PREMIUM NANO COLLAGEN
Mengandung 13,500mg Collagen dari Salmon dengan sistem cepat serap.
2.       Salmon Ovary Peptide (Japan Patented)
Membantu mencerahkan warna kulit, serta memudarkan bintik-bintik hitam pada kulit dan memproduksi sel kulit baru sehingga kulit tampak lebih muda.
3.       Salmon Protein Extract
Terdiri dari 18 asam amino, dasar dari zat anti penuaan melawan penuaan dini yang diakibatkan sinar matahari dan radikal bebas.
4.       Phyto Ceramide (US Patented)
Berfungsi sebagai Sunblock (tabir surya) yang melindungi kulit dari sinar matahari dari dalam.
5.       Hyaluronic Acid
Berfungsi untuk mengunci kadar air dalam kulit (6000x dari beratnya) sehingga kulit tampak sehat, lembab, muda dan bercahaya.
6.       L-Cysteine (untuk Detox)
Membantu tubuh anda untuk memproduksi glutathione secara alami. L-Cysteine bekerja sama dengan glutathione untuk mendetox, membuang racun dalam hati anda.
7.       CO-Q10
Anti Oxidant yang secara aktif memperbaiki sel kulit yang rusak, menambah kekebalan tubuh dan melancarkan peredaran darah, sehingga kulit tampak merah muda.
8.       Elastin
Berfungsi untuk mengeyalkan kulit, terutama untuk buah dada dan bokong serta membantu mengurangi stretch marks.
9.       Biotin
Menunda teumbuhnya uban, menguatkan akar rambut dan menyehatkan kuku.
10.   Vitamin C
Sebagai faktor pembantu dalam memproduksi sel kolagen baru dan proses produksi glutathione, sehingga kulit akan tampak lebih putih. Sebagai Immun Support dan penambah energi.
11.   Vitamin E
Anti-Oxidant yang larut dalam lemak dan penting untuk meningkatkan kelembutan kulit.

Agelez Bihaku is sold exclusively at Guardian, but you can purchase it online through,,, Qoo10, Elevania, and many more. The normal retail price is 890k for 10 bottles (1 month supply), but keep an eye because they might have promotion going on.

Read more about Agelez Bihaku and their promotions at their website and social media;
Facebook: Agelez Bihaku Indonesia
Twitter: @agelezbihakuid
Instagram: @agelezbihakuid

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