Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hi everyone!
I've been a silent reader of beauty blogs for a long time, and finally I try to make my own beauty blog, I'm not an expert in make up, not an artist or so, but I love it and I want to learn more and discover more, hopefully that I can be consistent in posting entries for this blog, I already have a blog actually click here to see my daily blog, but I think it will be better if I make a new one just for beauty thingies, okay everyone, welcome to my blog, let's share everything about beauty and if you've got any input for me please leave it in the comment section, I'll be glad to see any feedback. Enjoy!

PS:  as I promise to my teacher in my english course, I'll try to write this blog using English, because in my daily blog I use mainly bahasa, please pardon my grammar, I'm still learning though.

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