Sunday, October 25, 2015

Monster High - Catrine deMew Make Up Inspired

Hello beauties!

Since Halloween is approaching, I'm having a make up collaboration with my fellow Beauty Blogger. We are inspired by Monster High, and this time I'm taking part as Catrine de Mew.

Here is Catrine de Mew who inspired me

I am sorry that I don't have a pictorial or video tutorial for this look, but I will tell you how to achieve this make up look.


1. Use a light and full coverage foundation (I use Coverderm Concealing in the shade 3A)
2. Set with translucent powder
3. add a beauty mark under the right eye
4. draw a cat like nose using light purple eyeliner

She didn't use blush nor contour, so I skip both, but I used a little bit of contour on the nose, since my face looks so flat...

1. Make a thin and arched brows using purple eyeshadow

1. Use eye shadow base, here I use light purple eyeliner as a base
2. Use purple eye  shadow on the crease
3. Use pink eye shadow on the entire lid
4. Use eyeliner
5. Apply two stacks of false eyelashes
6. Apply bottom false eyelashes
7. Use light blue circle contact lense

1. Mixed grey-beige lipstick with light purple eye liner

and here are the result

Hopefully this could give you inspiration for Halloween ^^

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Amanda as Clawdeen
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Dewi as Draculaura
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Yuka as Sirene Von Doo


  1. Lucu and cantik kak put ^^
    Warna eyebrownya bagus sama rapih banget >3<

  2. Replies
    1. Makasih ya Clawdia yang gak kalah cantik... Eh Ka Manda maksudnyaa hahaha